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Zou Hua


Full Name: Hua Zou

Address: College of Science, Hohai University, Nanjing 210098, China

Mobile phone: +86-15151826238

Email: zouhua96@163.com

Title: Associate Professor


l 2003.03- 2006.03 Ph. D. Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Shanghai, China

l 2000.09-2003.02 M.Sc. Yantai university, Yantai, China

l 1996.09-2000.06 B.Sc. Qufu Normal University, Qufu, China


l 2006.03-now Lecture, Hohai University, Nanjing, China


l Design and characterization of micro lens

l Optimization of fiber optic transmission efficiency of optical fiber spectrometer

l Study on laser super resolution technology

l Design and characteristics of the grating

1. Research on the key technology of the efficiency optimization for the optical fiber  

spectrometer telescope

2. Compression and shaping technology of far field laser spot of super resolution laser

3. Research and recognition technology of femtosecond pulse shaping with space-time


4. Femtosecond pulse shaping technique of space-time transform with Dammam type filter

5. Research on design and application of circular Dammam grating

6. Experimental study on optical monitoring of deformation of surrounding rock in Tunnel



1. Hohai University teaching achievement awards(2014)

2. Hohai University 2009-2010 Young Teachers Lecture Competition second prize

3. Jiangsu Province, the seventh on the basis of physics lesson competition , Third prize

4. Jiangsu Province, the eighth college students Physics and Experimental Science and Technology Innovation Competition Award of Excellence Instructor, Second Prize

5. Jiangsu Province, the ninth college students Physics and Experimental Science and Technology Innovation Competition Excellence Instructor ,Third Prize

6. Jiangsu Province, the tenth college students Physics and Experimental Science and Technology Innovation Competition Excellence Instructor, Second Prize

7. Jiangsu Province, the twelfth college students Physics and Experimental Science and Technology Innovation Competition Excellence Instructor, Second Prize


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Patent of InventionC.H. Zhou, H. Zou, Femtoscond pulse shaping device of dynamic space-time conversion. Application number200510024548.0



l Director of Department of Physics

l Member of Jiangsu Institute of Physics


Hobbies: Singing; Dancing,