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Zhang Bo

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Zhang Bo                    Title: Lecturer       E-mail: zhangboo_2000@hotmail.com


Fabrication of Nanoparticles and Nanostructure

Research of Crystal Growth Mechanism

Light emission and light transport through ordered and disordered nanostructured systems.


Sept. 2000-Jun. 2004        Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

                       Bachelor of Apply Physics

Sept. 2004-Jun. 2009        Nanjing University, Nanjing, China/

                        Ph.D in Physics


Familiar with the experimental and characterization set-ups:

l SEM and AFM infiltration techniques

l Fabrication of Metallic Nanomaterial

l Microfabrication techniques (nanoimprint lithography and E-beam lithography)


l Creating In-Plane Metallic Nanowire Arrays by Corner-Mediated Electrodeposition.         B. Zhang, Z. Wu, Y. Y. Weng, M. Wang. et al., Advanced Materials 21,2009;

l Surface-plasmon-enhanced Transmission Through Metallic Film Perforated with Fractal-featured Aperture Array. Y. J. Bao, B. Zhang, Z. Wu, et al., Applied Physics Letters 90, 251914 (2007)

l Self-templating Growth of copper Nanopearl-chain Arrays in Electro –deposition.      Weng Yu-Yan; Zhang Bo; Fu Shao-Jie et al., Physical review E, 81(2010)

l ZnO Nanostructures and Field Emission Properties on Cu Substrate Achieved by Electrodeposition Method. Jf. Gong, Cy Lan, B. Zhang, K.X. Zhang, W.H.Zhu. Advanced Materials Research, 347(2012)

l Microstructures, Growth Mechanism of ZnS Nanomatrials Farbicated by Physical Vapor Deposition. J. F. Gong, C. Y. Lan, B. Zhang, W. H. Zhu, M.Y. L. Advanced Materials Research, 356(2012)