college of science
Zou Jianfei


Educational Background

PhD, physics, Nanjing University (2012)
BA, physics, Jilin University (2007)


Research Interests

Quantum transport and optical excitation in graphene-like materials and topological insulators.

 Research Projects

1. Quantum transport in magnetic and superconducting topological insulators (NSFC Grant No. 11347127).

2. Spin-valley coupled quantum transport of Dirac electrons in graphene-like materials under the modulated external fields (NSFC Grant No. 61404044).

Journal Articles

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[8] Chunmei Tang, Jing Kang, Zhenjun Zhang, Jianfei Zou, Xiang He, Yan Xu, “The study of the hydrogen storage capacity of the Ti atoms coated Si@Ga12 clusters”, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 40,16278(2015).