college of science
Zhang Lin

Lin Zhang


Educational Background

PHDOptical engineeringNanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (2007-2014)
BAElectronic Science and technologyAnhui University (2003-2007)


Research InterestsPhotoelectric detection
Research Projects

1Natural Science Fund project in Jiangsu Provincewater pollutant detection and degradation method research based on photoelectric technology2015-2018

Journal Articles

[1] Zhang L , Zhao ZM, Jin XD. A Novel Measurement System for Dry Rubber Content in Concentrated Latex Based on Y-type Optical Fiber. Journal of testing and evaluation, 2010, 38(5): 628-634. (SCI)

[2] Zhang L , Zhao ZM, Ji YY et al. Determination of Dry Rubber Content in Natural Rubber Latex Based on Wavelet-domain Fluorescence Image. Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 2013, 41(4): 667~674. (SCI)

[3] Zhang L , Zhao ZM, Zhu XY, et al. Design and Implementation of Measurement System for Milk Fat Content Based on Optical Fiber Sensor. Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 201416(7-8): 990-999.(SCI)

[4] Zhang L, Zhao ZM, Zhu XY, et al. Design and Implementation of an Annular Photoelectric Sensor Measurement System for Fat Content in Milk. Lasers in engineering. 201530 (5-6): 287-306.(SCI)


[1] Measurement system for dry rubber content based on Y type optical fiber. CN101614664

[2] Measurement system and method for dry rubber content based on photoelectric sensor. CN101532958